Best UWP Apps for Windows 10 available in Windows Store

I think, you will agree with me that UWP apps have great designs, animations, etc. They are very touch friendly too which is great part of UWP apps. The concept of UWP apps started from Windows 8. If you do not know about UWP then here is the brief introduction about it.

About UWP Apps

UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. This is one computing platform created by Microsoft. You may think, there is already win32, then what is the special about UWP apps.

Here are some of the points that are improved in UWP:
  • UWP are mean to be touch friendly.
  • UWP can run over all platforms of windows including PC, tablet, XBOX, etc.
  • It is more animated.
  • UWP apps are more secure as it asks for permission before using in PC.
  • Available in all the devices which has Microsoft Store.
  • Easily distributed in Microsoft Store.

And much more special things are here.

So, we are here with top UWP apps that you must use.

#1 Notepads

UWP Apps = Notepad

Notepads is the best alternative of Notepad of windows 10 or even better.

Here are the few things that I like about Notepads:

  • Fluent Design Implementation
  • Added Support for tabs
  • Touch Friendly
  • Highly animated and clean

And much more. I think you must try it.

#2 Files – Preview

UWP Apps = Files Preview

It is the alternative of your Windows Explorer or even better. It has lots of great features and it is great in design.

Here are the few things that I like about this app:

  • Fluent Design System
  • Touch Friendly
  • Highly Animated
  • Added Support for tabs

It is still in beta version. So, there may be some bugs but you can still try this great app.

#3 Utask manager

UWP Apps = Utaskmanager

This is new software available in Microsoft store. It is not still able to beat task manager, but you can still try it.

Here are the things that I like about utaskmanager:

  • Fluent Design System
  • Easily uninstall apps from it
  • Highly Animated

This has some bugs, but you can still try this great app.

#4 Socialize Up

UWP Apps = Socialize Up

This is one of the great software that you can use. It helps to access Facebook quickly and Easily, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Its free version is enough to use but if you want to unlock telegram, remove ads, and unlock custom password then you can purchase its pro version. It is a great app to use social medias at a same place without any browser.

Here are the few things that I like about this app:

  • Fluent Design
  • Highly Animated
  • Easily Download photos included in social media

And much more. I recommend you to try this app.

#5 Picsart

UWP Apps = Picsart

You may have tried the picsart app in android, but you may have thought of using it in Windows 10. Do not worry, there is already the picsart app in windows store that you can download.

Here are the few things that I like about picsart UWP:

  • Easily Edit Pictures
  • Most of the tools of android are also available
  • Easily customize your pictures with effects without photoshop

And much more. I think you must try this app.

#6 Windows Terminal

image 11

When we are talking about UWP and fluent designed apps, then we can not forget Windows Terminal, One of the best apps for developers. If you use command prompt, PowerShell, WSL, Azure then this is going to be one of your favourite apps. This is created by Microsoft and soon this maybe default app in windows 10 too. It has so many greater features that you can not imagine.

Here are list of my some favorite features:

  • Highly Animated and fluent design
  • Added support for tabs
  • In built support for cmd, PowerShell, WSL, azure cloud shell, etc.
  • Transparent look
  • Highly customizable.

This is one of the best apps on this list. You must try this app if you are developer or use these tools. This is going to be so great for you. It has so many customization options. You can customize it as you like with JSON format.

I hope these lists were helpful for you and you found some of the apps great. If you have any great UWP apps but if they are missing from this list, then do not forget to comment down below. We will be happy to know that. We will be with some of the others UWP apps too in future. If you think this post is helpful, do not forget to read this post: Top Windows Shortcut Keys That Will Blow Your Mind


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