Best 2 Way to Create Contact Form in WordPress Website

Contact form is an integral part of any site. In most of the sites, nowadays everyone uses contact us form, show that user can ask his / her problem with you. So, if you are creating any websites in WordPress then you should include contact page and contact us form. There are plenty more methods to do that but today we are going to discuss the most popular one of them. We will discuss how we can easily create contact us form in WordPress.

We are going to discuss about two plugins that are widely used while creating contact us form in WordPress. So, let’s start.

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#1 Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the popular plugins for creating contact form in WordPress site.

Contact Form 7

At first, we are going to install one free plugin called Contact Form 7. You can search Contact Form 7 and install and activate the first one. Alternatively, you can click here to download zip file.

Contact Form 7

After that you will see one option called Contact in the WordPress dashboard. Just hover over it and click Contact Forms.

Contact Form 7

There, you will see one contact form already created, So, we are going to use that. Just copy the short code that is given there.

Contact Form 7

Now, click Pages and Add New. Now, we are going to add new page for contact form.

Contact Form 7

After that enter suitable name for your page. Then paste your short code there. Alternatively, you can use any page builder you like. In Elementor search one block called Short code in sidebar then insert that block to add contact us form in elementor.

Contact Form 7

Now, publish your page.

Contact Form 7

Now, as you can see, I got contact us form in my website.

That was an extremely easy method to create contact form in your site. There are plenty more other options. So, now we will discuss another option that you can use to create contact us form in your website easily. This method is also becoming popular a lot.

#2 WpForms

This is the second option available to create contact us form. It is very easy to use and there are lots of features in this plugin that you can use to create any other form for your site. Let’s start to use it.


At first you need to install this plugin, which is extremely easy just search WPForms in plugins then install that. Alternatively, you can click here to install the WPForms plugin.


Now, you will see one option in your WordPress dashboard with WPForms. As this plugin do not create contact us form automatically, we are going to create it easily. So, just hover over WPForms and click Add New.


Now, choose Create a Simple Contact Form here.


Now, as you can see it is easily created. If you want to customize it more, then you can do that from those tools or you can add more fields, but I am going to click save.


Now, click Pages and Add new to use WPForms. There are two ways to put it.

#1 Gutenberg Editor


For that just add one block here which you can see in the previous image named WPForms.


Here, you can choose your contact us form that you created and now publish your page.


Now, as you can see, I got my contact us form.

That was easy method and from Gutenberg editor. In case you are using Elementor, Divi or any other editor just follow the below method:

#2 Other Editor


For that just copy the short code that is in WPForms and paste it in your editor and done you will get your contact us form easily.

For more details and fully explain about WPForms plugin watch this video given below:

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That was the easiest methods of creating contact us form in WordPress. There are other methods too like using Ninja Forms and many other. I just showed the most popular ones that is widely used. Do not forget to express your thoughts on these plugins below in the comment.

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