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Best Way To do screenshot in Windows 10

You might have seen some of the wonderful way to do screenshot in windows. Yes, there are so many great methods in windows ten to do it. Here, I will show you top methods of doing screenshot in windows. At last, I will show you one of my favorite and most powerful way of taking it in windows ten. You may know something included in this article already but trust me you will get better idea and you will know some of the better trick to do screenshot.

Before discussing on how to do screenshot lets discuss some of the wonderful thing that we will learn while doing it.

Screenshots are the wonderful way to demonstrate anything that you want to show to your friends, or you want to save your personal important things or note as the picture and photo of your screen. I am sure that you must have done it frequently. Screenshots are wonderful way to manage our important things that may come in our screen and we want to save that for future.

Top Screenshot Uses:

  • You can save the important things that may come in your screen.
  • You do not need to keep note for everything that comes in your computer.
  • You can demonstrate any of your friends who is having certain problems
  • You can easily do capture of your pc to report any problems.

There are plenty more good things related to it that I think I do not need to tell. But I can tell you that you will not know all the things mentioned on this article on how to do it in windows ten or any other windows version easily.

Now, let’s start with some of the basic’s method used by PC users to do screenshots in windows ten.

#1 Using Print screen key

Screenshot in MSPaint

I know this is decent and popular and old method to do it in windows. It is available in older versions of windows too. So, it is quite more famous. For this you just need to press Printscr key on your keyboard then just paste it anywhere you want. According to this method, most of the users used MS Paint to paste and save the file. If you already know this feature, then you already know how to do it in basic way.

Here are some important good things about this technique:

  • It is available in all windows versions
  • It is easier to use without any complicated steps and features
  • You can easily design with familiar app called MS Paints

That was old method which I do not recommend if you are using windows. There are many better ways to do that same tasks with more fun.

#2 Snipping Tool

Snipping tool

In my opinion, this is the great method for old windows versions that I recommend but not good choice if you use new windows versions. You can open snipping tool from start menu then do screenshot. There are more good features in it that I think is great.
Here are the great things about this tool:

  • You can do it of few parts of your window.
  • It’s easy to use and decent
  • Available in almost outdated version of windows.

As I told this is older method which is not recommended now. If you do not like this and if you want to remove this from your windows ten then click here.

Snipping tool removing

And, according to Microsoft is planning to remove Snipping Tool in future updates of windows ten. So, it is not effective way to do it in windows ten. I will tell another method in windows ten later this method.

#3 Using Shortcut key

File Explorer

This is new shortcut key added to windows 10. You can press Windows + Prt Scr to easily do it. And it will be automatically saved to Pictures > Screenshots folder.

This is not an effective way in my opinion but it is one of the fastest ways to do screenshot.

Remember that this is only for windows 10 and you can do full screen screenshot with this.

#4 Using Snip and Sketch

Snip And Sketch

This is one of the recommended methods to follow in windows ten. This is one of my favorite method to do screenshot in windows ten. This is only available in windows ten because this is UWP app which cannot run in windows 7 or 8. For using this just press Windows + Shift + S where you want to do screenshot then just choose the part you want to do screenshot as shown in the previous image.

Snip and sketch windows 10

As you can see in this image, you can do a lot of thing after doing screenshot. After doing this screenshot, your image will not be saved automatically but it will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste anywhere you want. Do not worry about saving it, Microsoft has already created tool for that known as Snip and Sketch.

When you do screenshot in windows 10 using Windows + Shift + S then you will get one notification and when you click that notification then it will open this tool. This is great tool to do screenshot and I will recommend you if you are using windows ten. After doing editing in this tool, just save it using the save button and done.

Here are the top features that I like about this tool:

  • You can ink over the image.
  • You can highlight any part of screenshot.
  • You can use ruler to do straight drawing and sketch.
  • You can crop screenshot.
  • You can easily save your images.

#5 Using External Tool

Share x

This is my personal favorite method of doing screenshot. It has so many tools to make your screenshots look better. It is great tool that you can from the official website.

Share X

You can click the link below to download in windows or you can also download this tool from Windows Store.

After downloading you can setup the settings in sharex on where you want to save your images. Then after setting of you can use few shortcut keys or you can change that to as you want.

  • Press Prt Scr to do full screen screenshot
  • Press Ctrl + Prt Scr to do screenshot of few parts of your screen.

Here are the few things that I like about this tool:

  • Do screenshot easily with shortcut keys
  • Get lots of tools to do while screenshot including emoji, arrows, texts, shapes, etc.
  • Easily save in your pc.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can also do recording of your screen with this tool.

There are many more other features that is not possible to explain in single post. But you can try this to learn more about it.

I hope this article was helpful for you and you learned top and best way to do screenshots in windows 10. Do not forget to mention your methods that you use quite frequently in comment section. If you find this post helpful, then you can refer to some other posts below:

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