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Do you want to send push notifications to your users when you post your blogs or articles? Isn’t it great? So, I am going to show you how you can send push notifications to users easily by using one simple and free plugin called One Signal. This is one amazing plugin that you can use on your site to send push notifications easily. You can also create your own push notifications with the help of this.

Step 1: Install One Signal Plugin

Notification - One Signal

You can go to Plugins > Add New and search for OneSignal and install first plugin. Alternatively you can click here and install the plugin.

Step 2: Sign up in OneSignal

Notification - One Signal

Click here and sign up in one signal. You can sign up using your social accounts easily.

Step 3: Setup for your site

Notification - One Signal

After you sign in you will see this interface. Just write name of your website and choose Web Push and click Next: Configure Your Platform.

Step 3: Choose WordPress

Notification - One Signal

You will see this interface. Just choose WordPress from the list because we are doing for wordpress.

Step 4: Enter your site details

Notification - One Signal

Here, you just need to enter site name and url and if you have icon then you can put that.

Be sure to tick mark this if your site do not support https.

Notification - One Signal

Now, click save.

Step 5: Add configuration details in WordPress

Notification - One Signal

Copy this App ID and API Key and go to your WordPress Dashboard and go to OneSignal > Configuration now paste your API ID and API Key there and click save.

Notification - One Signal

We have not setup for safari. We will do that soon.

Now, when you visit your site you can see this logo at the bottom right corner:

Notification - One Signal

When user click that button, user will be prompted to allow notification.

Notification - One Signal

Step 6: Configure for Safari

Notification - One Signal

At first click on Apple Safari

Notification - One Signal

Now, enter your site details here and click Next.

Notification - One Signal

Click on WordPress and click Next again.

Notification - One Signal

Now, copy this Safari Web ID and paste in the configuration settings of OneSignal of your site. And click save.

Now, when you post a blog or articles on your site. Then user will get notification like this:

Notification - One Signal

To learn more about OneSignal and learn how to send Custom Push Notification, Just watch this video:

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