Best Way to change email of WordPress without email confirmation | No. 1 method

Hey everyone, here I am with the simplest and easiest method to change the email of the WordPress site. As you know when you are creating a WordPress site you use one email at the starting but when you have one business email and you want to replace it with that then you will have some problems. When you try to update from Settings then it does not send you an email confirmation most of the time. I never got an email confirmation when doing that. So, I am here with the easiest method to do that.

I will not show any complex method like going to the MySQL database and change stuff but I will tell you how to change straight from the dashboard without any plugin.

Best Way to change email without email confirmation:

Step 1: Go to Your Settings > Normal

Email Confirmation - WordPress

Just go to the settings where you can change your email but we are not going to follow this method.

Step 2: Go to

Email Confirmation - WordPress

Now, you just need to remove “-general” from url. Example:

I have then I need to change it to:

Step 3: Search for admin_email and change that

Email Confirmation - WordPress

You need to search there admin_email option and change it to your email address. Be sure not to change any other options. It may break your site and cause other problem. Just change admin_email.

Step 4: Scroll down and click save changes

Email Confirmation - WordPress

Just scroll down and click save changes. Now, you will see your WordPress email is changed without any email confirmation.

Watch this video for more detail:

You can see in full details in this video. Be sure not to miss this amazing video.

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