How to create Hot Posts on our site?

It is a great thing when you want to contribute on our site and become a creator of our community but I know most of you may have some doubts on how we can create post?, what should I do and so on. So, we will clear all your doubts and questions while creating posts. We will tell you some tips while creating posts on our site.

So, lets start with some points.


Title of your post should be short and relevant to the content. Any title which do not fits with your content will be edited by our team. You should write catchy title that attracts your viewers and that best fits for the SEO of your post. We will do some part for SEO of your post but you must put some catchy title and relevant to content. You should not put any title against our policies.

Quick Tip: Do not forget to provide sub heading on your content to attract audience and make your post clean and neat.


Every post must start with the short description or introduction to the title. It is not recommended to start your post directly. You must at least describe about your content as a description before starting. Your description can be short, sweet and in well manured so the audience can understand everything about your post easily. This will help you to attract your post to make it more readable for users.

Quick Tip: Your starting part of your content i.e. description must be catchy because that will be the description on SEO and search engines and even on our site.


This is one of the major questions asked by our creators on what are the images that they can use. You can not use any images just downloaded from google or Bing or any other sites. Your images should not be copyrighted. We will remove your image if you post any copyrighted image. You can put your own image or any image that you find as non copyrighted.

We recommend you to get images from different sites like:

These above sites are completely free and you can use any images of those sites. For more sites click here.

Warning: Any images that violates our polices are not allowed like images related to nudity, irrelevant images, etc.

Quick Tip: Do not forget to put Alternate text on your images because it helps in SEO of your post because your image also can come in search results.

Featured Image

This is also one of the most asked questions on which featured image is required. On our site, you must put featured image. Your featured image must be non copyrighted and most not violates our rules and policies. You can see the non copyrighted images from the above links. You should put featured image that is relevant to the content and provide proper images. Putting catchy images can help to attract your audience. We only allow user to use non copyrighted thumbnail which has size of 16:9 or 1280 x 720 px. You can easily get that size from unsplash, pixabay, etc. and then edit in photoshop, canva, etc.

Quick Tip: Mostly people see thumbnail / featured image then your title, so put catchy thumbnail to attract all peoples.


Many of you do not know how to get proper topics for posts. You can get any topics that you like but that must not violates our policies. You can get reference and certain news from any other sites but you must not copy paste whole thing. You must write and explain yourself in your own way. You can not copy paste others content. It is against our policies.

You can copy and paste the info of some sites like Wikipedia but you must write the source below that and provide link of that Wikipedia page. Information’s written in Wikipedia can be copied but we do not allow to copy whole information for Wikipedia. You can some sentences of sites but you can not copy paste whole thing. We only promote unique and original posts.

How can I create posts?

Now, the actual fun begin, here we will tell you how you can actually create your own posts to share your knowledge with others. Creating posts on our site is super simple and you can do without any problem, Every tools are provided for you. You just need to put some information’s and explain them in neat and clean way to the users.

So, now lets start.

Step 1: Click on Add Hot posts on our site

Create Post

You just need to hover over the Add Post option that is given on our site and click on hot posts option to create your blog. Alternatively, you can click here to add blog.

Step 2: Provide Some catchy Title

Create Post

You can put any catchy title you like. We have already mentioned some tips for creating catchy titles above.

Step 3: Enter some quick description about your title or description.

Create Post

You need to put one catchy description before creating any blog. We have already told on how to put good info on this. But remember this info will be your excerpt and it will be shown in search engines for SEO. So, be sure to start in proper way to attract audiences.

Step 4: Provide any proper heading.

Create Post

Headings are the great way to influence your audience and to make your blog readable and attractive. It helps to find the information of your blog more quickly. Remember that you can put any proper heading but be sure you can put it everywhere. It is not compulsory to write heading after writing description. You can also put images or any other at this place also.

Step 5: Provide Images to make your blog attractive

Create Post

Images are the great way to make your blog more readable and attractive. You can put as much images that you want but use them wisely and use them in proper way. Do not spam your blog with only images but provide short description about that also.

Quick Tip: You can put videos also.

For adding images, just click on the image which is on the tool bar and just click on Drop Image or (Click) and choose your image.

Create Post

After you add images, you will see three option. One for providing source. It is useful to provide source of your images. Then there is option to put alternate text. It will be seen if the image failed to load due to some reason or due to internet issues. It also helps in your SEO of images. Then at last there is option to delete image.

Step 6: Fill the content

Create Post

Putting content on your blog is really fun to do. You can put your contents and do some designing’s like making bold, italic, underline to attract audiences for important points. You can provide lists and provide some links to external documents to make your blog readable. All the tools are given in toolbar. You can put images, videos, etc. Even do not forget headings to make your blog clean and readable.

Step 7: Provide featured image

Create Post

Now, you will see option to choose featured image. We have already discussed about getting proper thumbnail or featured image. You can read above and be sure to put proper image and non copyrighted image.

Step 8: Provide Proper Category

Create Post

Now, just provide the category that is relevant to your blog. Do not put irrelevant category. All possible categories are given there. If in case you do not have the category that you need then contact us from here.

Step 9: Provide Proper Tags

Create Post

Now, just provide the proper tags that you want. They are not really important but we recommend to add for making your blog more meaningful and you can put tags separating by comma or enter.

Step 10: Publish your Post.

Create Post

Congratulations, now your blog is ready to be published. Now, your post will go to the review process. We will review your blog and edit few things needed then publish your post to public. You can save your blog as draft if in case you are creating the blog still.

Create Post

Note: Your blog will go to review process. Your blog maybe rejected if our team found it as spam otherwise some parts will be edited to improve SEO and we will edit to make more readable and attractive for you. It may take up to hours or even days according to your blog . If you left so many things without providing proper info then it can take time otherwise it generally takes 3 to 4 hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I hope all of your doubts are clear now and you can create your knowledgeable post easily. If you have doubts then do not forget to state down below in comment. We will try to improve this post regularly by updating information and providing more support for you.

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