How to create Memes on our site?

It is a great thing when you want to contribute on our site and become a creator of our community but I know most of you may have some doubts on how we can create post?, what should I do and so on. So, we will clear all your doubts and questions while creating memes. We will tell you some tips while creating posts on our site.

So, lets start with some points.


Title of your meme should be short and relevant to the content. Any title which do not fits with your content will be edited by our team. You should write catchy title that attracts your viewers and that best fits for the SEO of your meme. We will do some part for SEO of your post but you must put some catchy title and relevant to content. You should not put any title against our policies.


This is one of the major questions asked by our creators on what are the images that they can use. Unlike as posts, quizzes, etc. you can download some meme pictures from google or bing too. You can get many images from different sites. Be sure to put at least one image to provide the expression which makes it more attractive and better then others. It helps to make it standout then others.

Designing your memes

We also understand that creating funny memes that make people entertaining is not a easy job. It is so hard to make others laugh. You need to think a unique idea for making it. Any idea you create must not violate our rules and policies. You can create it with the help of recent news or current affair this way your meme will be more meaningful but not necessary. Come with one unique idea to make others laugh.

After that the last part is to create it as a image. Converting your idea into image is also not a easy job but you can easily create it by using different sites. Before creating it you need to find suitable meme image for your meme. You can find it easily online. After getting that you can easily design in photoshop, etc. We will provide you list of some websites for creating image online easily.

List of websites:

I hope these lists will help you.

How can I upload memes?

Now, I hope you made your image ready to upload. Now, lets learn how to upload your image on our site.

Step 1: Click on Add Post on our site

Create Meme

You just need to click on the Add Post option that is given on our site. Alternatively, you can click here to go there.

Create Meme

Now, as we are going to create meme. We are going to choose the meme option from the list.

Step 2: Upload your meme

Create meme

Now, it is time to do something special. Now, you need to upload your image. Just click on Browse Files or Drag and Drop your image.

Step 3: Provide catchy Title

Create meme

You can put any catchy title you like. We have already mentioned some tips for creating catchy titles above.

Step 4: Provide Top Text and bottom text

Create meme

Now, just put the meme content that you want. This is just a simple meme creator, we recommend to create it before publishing. If you do not want top text and bottom text do not forget to remove any text that is already there.

Note: If you do not want top text and bottom text, do not forget to remove any text written there, otherwise your meme will have Top Text… and Bottom Text… which will reject your meme.

Step 5: Provide proper category

Create meme

Now, just provide the category that is relevant to your meme. Do not put irrelevant category. All possible categories are given there. If in case you do not have the category that you need then contact us from here.

Step 6: Provide Proper Tags

Create meme

Now, just provide the proper tags that you want. They are not really important but we recommend to add for making your meme more meaningful and you can put tags separating by comma or enter.

Step 7: Publish your meme

Create meme

Congratulations, now your meme is ready to be published. Now, it will go to the review process. We will review it and edit few things needed then publish your post to public. You can save it as draft if in case you are creating the it still.

Create meme

Note: Your meme will go to review process. It may berejected if our team found it as spam otherwise some parts will be edited to improve SEO. It generally takes up to 1 to 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


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