Best method to fix Maintenance error in WordPress

Have you ever seen this error that tells “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”? in wordless. So we are going to know best method to fix maintenance error . This usually happens when there is problem while updating your plugins or themes. So, I am going to tell you how you can fix this error.

Maintenance error  WordPress

At first, I highly recommend not to do anything when you are updating your themes or plugins but it in case this happens do not worry. I will tell you how you can fix this easily.

Best Way to fix Maintenance error:

Step 1: Go to file manager of your Hosting

Maintenance error WordPress

You can go to default file manager of your hosting or you can use File Zilla for that. Here I am using localhost. So, I can easily show you.

Step 3: Navigate to WordPress directory

Maintenance error  WordPress

After that you need to go to WordPress diretctory. in some hosting it is public html folder or htdocs folder. After that you will see files and folders like above image.

Step 3: Delete .maintenance file

Maintenance error WordPress

You will need to search for .maintenance file there, this may be hidden. So, be sure show hidden files is turned on. After that just delete that file.

Now, you will get your site back. You can now work on your site or again start updating plugins or themes.

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