Easy to remove the background of any photos in 5 seconds

Do you want to change the background of any photos in just 5 seconds? then follow us. This video is about one popular online website to change the background of any photos. After watching this blog you can remove the background of any photos in just 5 seconds.


Do not scare by seeing the Photoshop icon above. This is incredible easy and we are not going to use any software here.

Website mentioned:

Step 1. Open your favorite browser and go to


This is the site in which we can remove any photo background in just 5 seconds. It is an AI-based website which removes the background of human, animals, cars, birds, white background, etc. It is a very powerful website.

Step 2. Click on Upload Image.


After going to that site you need to click on upload image button to upload your image from your computer. You can also give the link or URL of photo for that just copy the link of your photos and press Ctrl + V after going to this site and it will automatically start uploading.

Step 3. Choose your file.


We do not have any link of photos. So, we are going to upload one photo. I just clicked on upload image and I selected one image that I have downloaded previously before making this video and blog.


Now, it will start uploading. As you can see there is the slider in the image. It is uploading images. If you have a better internet connection then it will upload any photos very fast and it will take so less time to change your background.

Step 4. Click on Download.


After that the image is ready. This image is in PNG format (Portable Network Graphics) format. So, we can just download it and add our own background using photoshop or any other photo editing software. You can also click on edit to get more options to delete more portions or add the background of photos given there.

Website Mentioned:

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