Best 3 Python Intermediate And Professional Project Ideas

Python is a very incredible language. You can do lots of things in so fewer lines that another language requires more than 20 to 30 lines. It is beginner-friendly and its demand is increasing day by day. Getting a job in python is becoming more tough day by day. So, here are some great project ideas that will certainly make your resume look stand out. You can refer more website and book to get more knowledge on python.

#1) Artificial Intelligence

Python Ideas

1) Face Detection System

How about creating an AI based project which will use camera or your device and detect the face there. You can denote face by highlighting with border or any other things. It is incredible project that you can do to put on your resume.

2) Animal Detector

This seems like previous project but not really. Here just create a project that will detect some of the animals. You can do by using pictures to upload. No need to detect all the animals of the world. You can try to detect some of the animals. This is very interesting project

3) Background Remover

As you might know it is very hard to remove background of photo when you use photoshop or any other software. How about creating a project that will remove the background of images by detecting it. You can just make to remove background of human and allow users to save PNG file after doing that. At starting you can use green screen to remove background and after that make it in up level.

#2) Websites

Python Ideas

#1) Ecommerce Website

I know it is very popular project and many peoples can make this but you can make better than them by adding better cart functionality, using ajax, add payment system on that site and lot more ideas that comes to your mind. It will obviously make your resume stand out.

#2) YouTube Video Downloader

As you know when you watch YouTube video you can not download in your device. You can create one website which will take the link of that site and download video from that. You can use external libraries to make your task easier but it is one of the best project idea that will obviously help you.

#3) Social Media

I know this is very big projects and it takes so much time to make but it is one of the best project. You can simply make user profile and add chatting feature on that site which is very incredible idea. You can extend this project by adding group, badges, quests features that are really unique.

#3) GUI Projects

Python Ideas

#1) Music Player

How about creating a music player which will help you to listen to your favorite music. It is one of the best project ideas for creating GUI based apps. You can use your favorite library to make GUI based apps like pyqt5 or Tkinter. It may require time but it is a very good project for your resume.

#2 Image Viewer

Like Music Player you can create GUI app using python to create image viewer which will help you to view your images. You can add more functionality by adding image editing options on image which is very good idea for your resume

#3) File Manager

How about creating file manager with basic options. You can add file manager to show all the files of computers and add some options to copy files, remove file, move and many more. You can add more options like zipping files, extracting files, etc.

We hope above projects were helpful for you to create your resume and will be your next upcoming project. Do not forget to comment down your project idea. So, that other user can interact with you and have better idea.

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