Top 5 Unique Features of Microsoft Edge

You may have used Chrome a lot of time and you may have planned to switch to any other better browser in the market. But you may be confused which browser will be the best alternative for Chrome. There are many browsers including Firefox, opera, etc. but today we are going to discuss about top unique features and facts about Microsoft Edge that will make you switch from chrome.

Since the new Microsoft edge has been launched so many fabulous changes are seen in this browser. Now, Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium engine which is one open source project. It means that new Microsoft Edge supports all the extension of chrome and it has all features that are in chrome. So, you will not regret switching to Microsoft Edge from Chrome.

So, we will discuss some facts and unique feature of Microsoft Edge over chrome. At first let’s discuss brief about Microsoft Edge.

What is Microsoft Edge?

It is cross platform web browser developed by Microsoft based on Chromium engine which was first released in 2015 then for android and iOS in 2017 and mac os in 2019 and beta version for Linux in 2020. It is completely changed from the older version and now it has a lot of popularity. Now, this browser is considered as second place in terms of desktop browser market share. Microsoft has recently beat Firefox too.

Microsoft - Edge

So, let’s start with its unique features that are not in chrome or not in any other browser.

#1 Collection

Collection - Microsoft Edge

Collection is one of the most popular and best features that is only in this browser. It has lots of features. It is like favorites of chrome but better and has more features. Collections are better way to organize any information for your projects. You can save your images, texts, and pages in collections. You can just create any collection you want and save all your data in that.

Not only that you can easily convert your collection into Word, Excel, PowerPoint file and share in Pinterest easily.

Collection - Microsoft Edge

This is one of my favorite features that you can use only in this browser.

#2 Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader - Microsoft Edge

This is also one of the most popular features of this browser. Immersive Reader is best for students, teachers, etc. who do not want distraction while reading any posts, articles, etc. You can just click on the immersive reader icon on the address bar when you are reading article and it will remove all distraction from the page and you can read that article easily without any problem. This feature works nicely with our website too. You can just click on that to read our articles easily.

Immersive Reader - Microsoft Edge

As you can see in the above image, immersive reader works nicely. It has also some of other excellent features. You can turn it into dark mode.

Immersive Reader - Microsoft Edge

Not only that you can use Read Aloud feature too. If you use this feature, then your computer will start to read all the texts and you can just hear and no need to read. This is greatest feature of this browser.

Read Aloud - Immersive Reader - Microsoft Edge

That was one of the excellent features. Let’s see another excellent feature.

#3 Tracking Prevention

Tracking Prevention - Microsoft Edge

It is one of the popular features that is in Microsoft edge. You can use tracking prevention feature to block some of the trackers when browsing. It will certainly increase your privacy.

There are three level of protection. One is Basic which blocks some basic tracker, another is Balanced which is recommended and it blocks some of the trackers. And the last one is Strict which blocks so many trackers. Not only that, it works like adblocker. It blocks so many ads throughout the websites. If you turn on strict then so many ads will not be shown to you.

#4 Low Ram and Memory Usage

Edge / Chrome RAM test

As you can see in the above image, Edge is certainly taking less RAM, memory and disk space. It proves that Edge takes so much less RAM then chrome. Edge is using half RAM of the chrome. If you are using laptop then edge is the best option for you because chrome takes so much RAM and it decrease your battery life. If you are using PC also then you can use edge for better performance.

To be fair, I have not used any extension in any browser and open same page. Now, you can decide which browser to choose from this.

#5 Best PDF Viewer

Microsoft Edge - PDF Viewer

I think you also will agree with the fact that chrome do not have good pdf viewer and has so less features but edge certainly has great features that are needed by PDF viewer. You can ink on PDFS and save it. There is read aloud feature, You can highlight texts, and many more that are not available in chrome. Edge certainly beats chrome in terms of PDF viewer.

You can watch the video below to learn more about it:


Edge and Chrome are almost the same browser and both are based on Chromium Engine. Edge and Chrome both supports extensions and they are pretty good. If you are feeling lag, low RAM and memory issues in chrome then you can switch to Edge and you will not feel any disadvantage. Edge and chrome both supports syncing, edge with Microsoft account and chrome with google account. Edge is certainly the best alternative of edge with great features. Best thing about edge is that it takes half of the RAM and memory used by chrome. So, it can be the best option and there is huge potential of edge in future.

Do not forget to provide your thoughts about Microsoft Edge features and more in the comment section below. If you find this post helpful then do not forget to read our other posts.

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