Top Windows 10 Customization Tips and Tricks to make your PC Unique

As you know windows 10 do not have that much good customization and only few options are given but I will tell you how you can customize your desktops with some of the few tricks. After doing these steps your pc will look completely unique and you can get better experience while using your pc. Some steps shown here will be to modernize windows or getting new features. But some of the steps or methods will completely change the look and feel of your pc.

Since there are so many ways to customize your windows externally, we are not going to include all the methods because that will make our article so long and boring to read but we will explain you some of the popular and best methods to customize your windows 10.

So, let’s start with some of the basic customization of windows ten.

Top Customization tips and tricks:

#1 Using Ear Trumpet

Customization - Ear Trumpet

As you know you can change the sound of each application from Volume Mixer, just by right clicking the volume icon then clicking on Open Volume Mixer but that is pretty boring and some user may find that too much useless as you cannot change easily and you will get weird look when you open Volume Mixer.

Customization - Volume Mixer

Does it look great? When windows 10 have so many good designs this looks so bad and too boring. So, we will customize it to make unique.

For that just download one app from Windows Store called Ear Trumpet.

Then you will get two volume icon in tray icons.

- System Tray

No need to worry just remove one of the volume icons that is not of ear trumpet then done.

You will get one modern volume panel.

#2 Using ModernFlyouts

Customization - Volume Bar
Customization - Modern Flyouts

Have you ever bored of using the volume bar of windows 10 which looks so ugly and does not have any good look. Here, we will see how you can customize your old fly outs of volume panel to something like given below.

For that just download and install one application called Modern Flyouts from Windows Store and done. You got this cool and nice volume bar.

Does not it looks great? Now, you can enjoy the new volume bar in your pc. This is just a small hack but great hack to make your pc better.

#3 Using TaskbarX

Customization - TaskbarX

You may have thought of making your taskbar look like macOS. But sadly windows 10 do not have that feature to make your taskbar at the center but do not worry, there are so many third-party tools for making your taskbar center. Among them, TaskbarX is extremely popular. You can download it from the link given below:

After downloading just open that zip file and extract where you want then you just open the exe file that is included in that zip file then done. You will get the center taskbar easily.

These were some basics customization. Now, it is the time to move to the advanced customization tips and tricks.

#4 Using Rainmeter


I know that rainmeter is extremely popular in terms of customization. You can do a lot of things using rainmeter. It can change the entire look and feel of your pc. I know that it takes so much of your battery but if you are using PC then you can use rainmeter without any problem and you will get your windows 10 look entire different and this is great application in terms of customization.

You can donwload from the link below:

After downloading just install it then you can get the rainmeter skins easily on this site. You can just open that after getting skin and done you will get entirely distinctive look and feel. If you do not know how to use it properly then you can refer this documentation.

#5 Using Skin Packs

This is amazingly easy method, and it will change the entire look of your pc or windows 10. You can refer to this site then download so many good skin packs best thing about this is you do not need to do anything except installing that and installation process is pretty easy and it will convert your pc entirely to different look and feel. There are so much skin packs but one of my favorites is to convert windows 10 to mac os big sur. You can download it from here and it will convert entirely your windows look and feel to mac os.

So, these were the best customization tips and tricks. You can use any customization tips that you like. If you have good customization tips that is not mentioned here, then do not forget to comment down below. If you find this post or article helpful, then you can read some of our other posts:

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