Top 12 Windows 10 New October 2020 update

Here, we will discuss some of the major features has been arrived in new updates of windows 10. We have collected some of the best features that we think are very useful for you. You can upgrade your windows to latest version to use this great features.

Windows version used here is Windows 10 BUILD 20215

#1) Emoji Bar and Touch Keyboard

Windows 10 -New Update
Windows 10 -New Update

In new update you will get this new fluent style emoji bar and this touch keyboard. In emoji bar now there is support for GIF, emojis and clipboard in more smarter way with transparent look. In touch keyboard there is transparency, animations and new sound effect when you type.

#2) Dark Mode in Search Bar

Windows 10 -New Update

As you know that when you turn on dark mode in windows 10, search bar do not have dark theme but from upcoming updates you will get new dark look in search bar which is very good.

#3) New Start Menu

Windows 10 -New Update

In the above image, you can see that now start menu is so much changed. Now, all the tiles and icon got transparent look. It is a lot more consistent then previous in which you see the blue background in all icons.

#4) System removed from control panel

Windows 10 -New Update

As you know when you go to settings in control panel it opens the system information in control panel but now it is removed, now there is system option but it will open settings system information when you click it. It maybe bad news for low end pc.

#5) New Edge is Built-in

Windows 10 -New Update

Most of you may know that edge is now completely changed with the chromium engine. Now, it can easily beat with chrome with its own engine. It has came with so many features that are not in chrome. And now it is default from upcoming update in all devices.

#6) Notification changed

Windows 10 -New Update

As you can see in above figure, notification is changed a little bit. Now, it will show cross icon rather then arrow button. But the work of both are same and they are not changed.

#7) Disk Management in Settings App

Windows 10 -New Update

As you can see in the above image, Windows 10 has now added disk management options in the settings app. This is somehow buggy and irritating but you can do basic things like changing size and changing drive letters. We can accept the fact that Microsoft is slowly removing all the old things of control panel and taking it to settings app.

#8) Edge tab in Alt + Tab by default

Windows 10 -New Update

Now you can see all the edge browser tab in Alt + Tab Shortcut key by default. You can change its behavior from settings and this is only available in edge but not in any other browser.

#9) Access Samsung apps in Your Phone app

Windows 10 -New Update

In the new update, you can use fewer Samsung devices and access all the apps of it and use it like a normal app which is a pretty new and the best feature though we can not demonstrate to you but you can use it in some apps and save it in the taskbar like a normal app.

#10) Location Tracking

Windows 10 -New Update

Now when any app is using your location then it will show you location icon in system tray which will help you to know which app is tracking you.

#11) Search bar in Default apps

Windows 10 -New Update

From now onward you will see search bar for good experience in default apps option by file types, protocols, etc. which is a lot more easier to use. Some times it do not works properly and take so much time to load which we think Microsoft should fix soon.

#12) Settings got Copy feature

Windows 10 -New Update

In about of settings now you can copy all the information with that copy button that you can see there and you can now select those texts and copy them easily, which we think is very good.

These were the top features that has been recently arrived in windows 10 new version. Hope you loved this feature. Do not forget to comment down your favourite feature among all.

You can download latest version of edge from here.

I hope this article was useful for you. Do not forget to comment down below your thoughts on this. If you find this post helpful, then do not forget to read our other posts:


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