Best 12 Shortcut keys of windows 10

As you know Windows comes with lots of shortcut keys that are very useful to use. There are so many shortcut keys that, it is hard to mention all of them. So, we are here with some of the major shortcut keys that will easily increase your speed while using a keyboard and that will increase your productivity. All shortcut keys are not easy to remember but we will know some of the greatest shortcut keys of windows 10.

So, here are some of the major shortcut keys for you:

#1 Open File Explorer

As you know, file explorer is the most used software/program in windows. When we want to manage our files, see our files and folders, almost we need it. We need it most of the time but I am here with a secret trick to open file explorer.

Windows Shortcuts

Just press the Windows + E key of your keyboard to quickly open it. I think this will help you a lot while managing your files.

#2) Open Settings

Some of you may use the Control panel in your PC but Settings also provide most of the features of the control panel. And Microsoft is slowly adding all the features of the control panel in the settings app. You may use it most of the time but do you know the shortcut key to open it? Do not worry we are here for you.

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Windows + I to quickly open your settings app in your PC.

#3) Lock your PC

When you are temporarily leaving your computer then lock is the best option for you. Sometimes we also feel bore to open the start menu and click the account and click lock. What if there was a shortcut key. Do not worry there is one shortcut key which you help you a lot.

Windows Shortcuts

Press Windows + L to lock your pc. Is n’t it great shortcut?

#4) Screenshot

Sometimes when you want to demonstrate something you may want to do a screenshot of your pc. Most of the peoples do not know that they can do a screenshot with this simple and easy shortcut key.

Windows Shortcuts

Just press Windows + Shift + S to do your screenshot and paste anywhere or click on the notification that comes after it and save it in your place.

#5) Open Emojis

Emojis are the one that is used in chat most of the times. Microsoft also added emoji in PC but many of you may not know about it. Here is one cool shortcut to quickly open the emoji panel in your pc.

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Windows + . (Period) to open the emoji panel. Not only emoji panel you can also add GIF if you use the Windows Insider update or if you are reading this post after its release.

Note: Above design or emoji panel is only available in Insider Update now. If you are reading this blog after its release then it maybe available for you.

#6) Open Taskbar Apps

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Windows + number to open the taskbar app. They are indexed with a number as shown above. Just press the number like above to open them.

#7) Minimize all the apps

Suppose you are using your personal computer and someone comes near you and you want to quickly minimize all apps. Doing it manually will require a lot of time and it is very boring. And your friend may see while you are minimizing your window. Do not worry here is the short and simple shortcut key for you.

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Windows + M to quickly minimize all the opened windows. Alternatively, you can press Windows + D to do the same task. Prefer what you can do fast.

#8) Open Game bar

Suppose you want to do video recording or you are a gamer then this feature is the best one for you. With this feature you can easily do video recording find players in XBOX Social and many more other useful features.

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Windows + G to quickly open game bar and explore all the features of it.

#9) Open Task View

Suppose you want to easily navigate between your opened window, then this shortcut key is very useful for you. You can easily navigate through opened applications, create desktop, etc. with this feature.

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Windows + Tab quickly open task view and navigate between opened applications or create your own desktop. Alternatively, you can press Alt + Tab to navigate between windows in the traditional way.

#10) Use Virtual Desktops.

It is one of my favorite features in Windows 10. If you have used macOS previously then you may have used a virtual desktop. Now, windows 10 also comes with that feature. You can just press Windows + Tab and use it but it is also very boring. Here is the set of shortcuts for you.

Windows Shortcuts

To create new desktop: Windows + Ctrl + D

To navigate between desktops: Windows + Ctrl + Right / Left Arrow Key

To Delete desktops: Windows + Ctrl + F4

#11) Delete Browser Cache

As you may know, some time browser cache creates so much problem. Some time due to browser cache, your website does not load properly or it does not look like how it should be, or sometimes it makes your browser slow. You can just go to settings and remove cache but there is one better shortcut key for you.

Windows Shortcuts

Just press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to quickly clear your cache in your favorite browser. It may do not work in all browsers but it will work in most of the popular browsers.

#12) Browser Task Manager

As you know sometime so many things opens in your browser and make your browser laggy. You may have thought of taskbar of windows 10 like in browser too. Yes there is actually browser task manager that you can use.

Windows Shortcuts

Just press Shift + Tab To open this cool browser task manager and end the process that you do not need and make your laptop to cool down.

#13) Open Task Manager

While we are discussing browser task manager, why not discuss Windows Task manager. You may have used Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open task manager but now it is old. There is a new shortcut key for you to use.

Windows Shortcuts

Just Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to quickly open Task manager in your pc

I hope above shortcut keys were helpful for you. Now, you are known of all the popular shortcut keys of windows 10. Do not forget to comment down your favourite shortcut keys or any other shortcut keys that you like but not mentioned above. We will love to see new shortcut keys from you. You can learn more here.

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