Windows 10 soon going to have big UI improvements | Things to Expect

Microsoft has recently planned to do big UI improvements on Windows 10. According to some news resources it is said that many top levels of UI changes will come in windows ten in upcoming updates. Design will go to more fluent and consistency. There will be so many changes in interface of windows ten soon. They have planned to do improvements on Start Menu, Action Center, Installation process and even File Explorer.

The code name for this project is given as “Sun Valley” which will do significant UI changes and improvements. And it is said that this will be released in 2021 updates. Many sources describe it as modernizing the windows look and feel and experience while using it. It is the great news for all of the Windows Fans and users.

As you know that windows ten is so unstable and so inconsistent. If we compare windows seven and windows ten then many components and UI is still same. We can see file explorer, context menu, computer management, and many more which looks identical to windows seven. All those designs are of windows 7 and are not updated to modern design system known as “Fluent Design System”. After this project we may see significant changes on those apps.

As you know, after this latest 20H2 update of windows ten. Some small UI Changes were seen like Start Menu, New Emoji Panel, New Touch Keyboard layout just like Windows 10 X. I know these are small UI changes but still they did a significant impact specially new Start Menu look is so clean and consistent.

Windows 10 Start menu

You may have already got the latest windows ten update. In Upcoming updates Microsoft is going to double up the speed and going to change lots of UI and interface.

This is the recent update video which is covered by windows in its official youtube channel. New updates come with few UI changes too but small changes like touch keyboard, emoji bar, start menu, etc. Not only that, one new OOBE also has come but that is hidden. You can do certain techniques to enable that but it is hidden now.

What can we expect?

As Microsoft told that they are going to reinvigorate the whole windows 10 then it means that some thing special is coming. We can wish it as mini new windows version. As we know after 5 years of windows 10 also we can not see that much effective change in the whole os. If we compare the old first release and the current one then only few changes are noticeable but all the other are almost same. We can wish for major UI changes which Microsoft has announced. They had announced that they are going to change the UI of start menu, file explorer, task bar, action center, lock screen, legacy UI, design and components, etc.

It is also mentioned that the design system will not be changed. We will see same fluent design system and acrylic. So, we may guess that it will not affect whole os. According to some sources it is heard that for tablet users, there will be more user friend UI, it will be more touch friendly and will have more smooth and fluid animations.

It will be like making windows 10 more consistent not by creating new design system. If it become successful then windows 10 will be a lot more consistent and better like the old operating system.

When will the update come?

We are not sure when the update will come because Microsoft can extend the time any time they one. So, it is not fixed that when will update really come. But there is high chance that this will come next year. Some people will not agree with this statement and some peoples will not believe that this is possible for this huge changes in this short period of time because as we all know we were only seeing so little changes in each updates.

So, some peoples may have doubt on how is this possible to do faster but Microsoft is in this project at this time. It may take some time but we will be seeing a great changes in windows 10. It does not matter if it comes faster or slower but it should come as soon as possible and windows 10 should be consistent.

That was the short news. What do you think about this topic? What you think will be changed? When will this update come? Do not forget to provide your thoughts on this topic or news. You can read more here.


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